Project type: Hospitality

Project Size: 605m2

Project Completion Date: December 2017

cornerstone coffee & kitchen

Cornerstone was built on the site formerly occupied by Intouch Café within Bankstown Sports Club – a local institution that holds great importance to the client’s patrons. The brief for the café’s redesign was to offer existing and new patrons a refreshed and enhanced dining experience, bringing a new era to their daily rituals.

Located in the centre of a building with no access to natural light, Cornerstone has cleverly combined a palette of textured materials and replicated natural lighting, transforming the café into a refreshing reprieve from the energetic atmosphere of the sports club.

Inspiration was drawn from Japanese Zen gardens – renowned for their simplicity and serenity – and uses a muted colour palette and gradually layered elements to form a subdued but complex aesthetic. Through the use of delicate, natural materials, the café was converted into a warm and welcoming environment.

Undulating forms mimicking shapes of origami act as way-finding devices, directing patrons through the café and over the existing bridge, which connects to other areas of the venue.

Project Partners:

Construction Manager & Builder:
Paynter Dixon Constructions

Lighting Designer:
Haron Robson


Phu Tang